The Audi E-tron GT is following the footsteps of the previous e-tron models the SUV and the Sportback according to Audi. Not only by name, but also in design. Although no doubt the E-tron GT’s design is something else.

Audi Sport Gmbh and Porsche worked in collaboration to bring the latest electric vehicle technology in existence. The E-tron GT shares the Taycan’s platform that includes the battery pack as well.

Audi made sure not to use animal based products whatsoever, so the concept comes with a vegan interior.

Performance: 438kW (582HP, 590PS)
Torque: While no torque figures has been released yet, based on the performance we can expect it to be around: 700-750lbs (ca. 1000Nm)
Range / Charging:¬†Over 248 miles(400km) on a single charge, from which 80% can be achieved within 20 minutes, by it’s super fast 800 volt charging system. It can be charged by a cable, and by the same system from the Audi PB18 EV supercar called AWC (Audi Wireless Charging) as well.
Acceleration / Top Speed:¬†Audi expects the production version’s acceleration to be around 3.5 second to 62mph (0-100km/h), 12 seconds to 124mph (0-200km/h), with a limited top speed of 149mph (240km/h) in order to maximize range.


Photos by Audi